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This Platform is a One-Stop Shop for all Lagos State Ministries, Departments and Agencies Services for Lagos State Citizen's Non-emergency Feedbacks. The advantage of Signing Up is that you get the list of all messages you have sent to us and see how it was processed and even enjoy the statistical tools in your dashboard


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The Lagos State Government seriously cares about your day-to-day experience in this State.

You can Report any issue that will make living in Lagos State a rewarding experience for Citizens.

From fixing dilapidated infrastructure (bad roads/ Potholes/ collapsing building) to giving you convenience, we are interested in serving you well.

  • Accessing better goverment health services

    You reach out to us for any health issue, right here, right now.

  • Accessing various goverment services

    You can secure your C of O, report bad building or road condition and suggest how to better serve you here.

  • Better traffic experience

    You can send a message on any issue stopping free flow of traffic (hold-up/traffic jam).

Really, you can even see how well we serve you on this platform through the dashboard charts and tables.

Together, We can Make Lagos State Better.


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At Citizens Gate, we attend to all your feedback in any way as an Enquiry, Suggestion, Complaint, Commendation, "i-Report" or Panic, anonymous Whistle-Blowing and Report about a Missing Person.


Ask any Question from the Government. We are here to serve our Citizens.


Suggest something for better governance. All your suggestions will be reviewed accordingly.


Send us a complain on something that needs attention, we are here to resolve them with utmost tact.


Send us a thank you for services rendered. We do appreciate knowing how you feel about our services.


This is a place that you can send a message as News on anything happening in your locality.

Whistle Blowing

You can do a "Whistle Blow" to report anonymously. This goes to the Governor and it will be treated accordingly.

Report Missing Persons

You might find someone on the road that seems to be in danger as a missing person. You can send us a message with picture so as to help connect them to their family.


From You Our Esteemed Citizens

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Our Hardworking Team

Team work is what makes Lagos State government capable of achieving great feats.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Governor, Lagos State

Kadri Obafemi Hamzat

Deputy Governor, Lagos State